Welcome to my blog. Thank you for joining me on this fashion journey! 
I am not a fashion professional (my field is totally different) but in my free time I like to search for the "clever pieces", the classic items that every woman should have i.e. the (knee-length) classic black dress and skirt, the simple white shirt and top, the mid-heel pumps (for work, given that some of us do walk while working, thus high heels are not good idea for everyday), the printed tee, the dark straight-leg pants, the metallic sandals etc. 
In general I prefer the classic wardrobe with some additions from the latest fashion trends; it's safer and good for all of us (short, tall, thin, curvy). Hot pants, sweatpants, hoodies and sports clothing are usually not in my selections. 

Let's get started

The "theme"-1- is my dream look, the basic top designers combination that I will try to "copy" and the "theme" -2-, -3- etc. are the alternative versions of this basic look: the less expensive called "Break the Piggy Bank* " and the affordable combination). Enjoy!

PS: I encourage you to navigate by using the themed or the key-piece categories on the left ;-)

*To be noted that I cannot update all the prices show in posts so you shall visit the shops in order to see the each time prices.